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Start your Business as a Functional Medicine Nurse

Start your Business as a Functional Medicine Nurse

Become a board certified functional medicine nurse and thrive in private practice
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Virtual and Self-Paced

FNA is designed for busy nurses and offers the convenience to study anywhere and at your own pace. 

Functional Nurse Toolkit

Providing the resources and materials needed to launch your own practice (valued at 1,500)

Board Certification and CEU's

FNA certificate, 90 CEU's, graduates qualify for multiple board certification options including board certification as a functional medicine practitioner and a functional nurse health coach.

Live Mentorship

Two free months of FNA's live interactive monthly mentorship program hosted by FNA founder and course creator

Social Media and Marketing Kit

75 engaging social media posts and templates for your business cards and brochures.  All graphics are professionally designed specifically for functional medicine nurses!

Benefits of being a Functional Nurse 

goodbye sick-care

work from home and have more time for your friends and family

generate a 6 figures salary working approximately 20 hrs/week

be your own boss

help your clients heal using holistic modalities 

feel fulfilled in your nursing practice 

no longer put up with working in a system where you are over-worked and underpaid

have total control of your schedule and no longer miss out on important life events 

leave behind hospital mandates and protocols

choose who you want to work with and when you want to work

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Offering the most comprehensive functional training for LPN's, RN's and NP's.

The Functional Nurse Toolkit is Included!

Valued at $1,500

Practice Forms Including Intake, Assessment and Legal 

Client Handouts 

Dietary Guides 

Templates including Dr. Letters, Wellness Plans, Lab Reviews 

Business Formation Checklist 

Educational Library

Guide for Optimal Diagnostic Testing Ranges 

Sample Functional Tests with Reports and Summaries 

Educational Resources

Client Enrollment Guide 

Resource Guide 

Waived 250$ Joining Fee for Evexia Diagnostics 

Clinical Tips Summary 

Coaching Resources 

Package Pricing Guide 

Meal Plan Templates 

Social Media and Marketing Kit Included

Valued at $500

This kit is provided in canva templates which are editable with a free canva account!

Library of 75 Social Media Posts

FNA social media posts cover a wide range of topics and are designed to boost leads!

Brochure Kit and Template

Receive your brochure template specifically designed for functional nurses!

Business Card Kit and Template

Receive multiple variations of functional nurse business cards 
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Our Graduates are Prepared for Success!

FNA was instrumental in making my dream career a reality.  It provided me with the knowledge and structure to move from nursing to starting my own business in functional medicine and wellness consulting. 

I now handle my own clients and am grateful to FNA for empowering my career transformation and am passionate about encouraging other nurses to take this rewarding journey! 


  Andrea Erickson, MSN, RN
Joy song wellness 
The Functional Nurse Academy has been an integral part of what we are building at Remnant Nursing!

Because of Melissa’s incredible mentorship program, our nurses are well-equipped to assist our clients in reaching their highest and healthiest potential.

 I cannot recommend this program and all of
its resources highly enough!


  Kimberly Overton RN, BSN
Remnant Nursing 
I am so glad I found this program! FNA has provided me with the tools and information to help my clients create an environment for their bodies to heal and achieve wellness! 

Not only did FNA teach me about functional medicine but I was also prepared with all of the tools needed to launch my own business!

As a nurse with NO background in business creation I am happy to report that I have
successfully launched my own practice!

Renee rutherford, RN
rutherford wellness
FNA has given me the education and with it the resources to confidently assess and recommend various courses of action.

I thank God for Melissa who heard the call and answered it for a change in nursing education. 

Through her gifts and talents I've been able to bless many others. 

   Jodi O'malley MSN, RN

Melissa's Functional Nurse Academy has every aspect I wanted to have for my functional medicine practice without me having to do the leg work!

 The educational portion of the program is priceless and Melissa does an excellent job explaining how the lab results connect and can indicate specific imbalances.

Her organization with the steps to setting up the business portion is also extremely easy to follow and complete quickly to get up and running!

I am so grateful Melissa created this program as it is providing me with the opportunity to be my own boss to live a life of purpose as well as being financially abundant by sharing my experiences & knowledge with the world to impact others' health & wellness journeys.

    Krysti Jonas RN, BSN
The mindful health nurse
This course was perfect! I am so thankful I found this program.

FNA helped me to learn not only the practice of functional medicine but also provided me with step by step instructions of how to start my own practice. 

Melissa did a fantastic job explaining how to start a functional nursing business and provided practical and valuable insights!

The amount of material I was provided with has been so valuable to me in my practice and with my business launch!

I highly recommend other nurses take this program!

rebecca belch, RN
live oak integrative health

Meet the FNA Founder

Melissa Schreibfeder is a devoted follower of Christ, a seasoned registered nurse, and a globally acclaimed radio show host. With over a decade of experience, she holds board certifications as a functional medicine practitioner and nurse coach.  She is recognized as an approved continuing education provider (#50-33409).

Her personal health challenges, including battling an undiagnosed autoimmune condition and chronic Lyme disease, ignited Melissa's journey into functional medicine. Through firsthand experience, she witnessed the profound impact of functional medicine in reversing disease processes.

Melissa's professional journey has encompassed roles as a nurse educator and influential public speaker, where she has dedicated herself to educating and empowering others. Frustrated with the limitations of the conventional medical model—both as a nurse and a patient—Melissa founded a private practice focused on functional medicine. Here, she champions patient rights, addresses root causes of illnesses, and implements comprehensive lifestyle and nutritional interventions to foster healing.

Driven by her success in clinical practice, Melissa established the Functional Nurse Academy, a cornerstone of her mission to transform healthcare. This academy is dedicated to nurturing an alternative healthcare model centered on genuine health and wellness. It equips nurses with the knowledge and tools to practice beyond the confines of traditional sick care, empowering them to find fulfillment in their careers while advocating for holistic approaches to wellness.

Melissa's journey—from navigating her own health challenges to becoming a leader in functional medicine and nurse education—illustrates her unwavering commitment to transforming healthcare paradigms. Her integration of faith, expertise, and passion for holistic health underscores her mission to promote comprehensive well-being in her community and beyond.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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