meet the owners

Melissa & Phil Schreibfeder

Welcome!  Here at Functional Nurse Academy we are proud to be family owned and operated! 

Melissa is the founder of FNA, experienced nurse educator, creator and instructor of all FNA curriculum.  Phil is an engineer by trade and serves as the office manager and tech support for FNA.  

They have been married for 8 years and have 2 beautiful children Jonathan (7) and were recently blessed with their baby girl (Alora). They reside in Franklin, TN and in their spare time they enjoy raising their children and travelling.

Phil and Melissa are deeply rooted in their Christian faith and donate a percentage of FNA enrollments to bless others.   10% of our proceeds are donated do a variety of charitable organizations including React19, an organization that provides medical funding to those suffering long-term effects of covid19 vaccinations. 
meet our enrollment specialist

Andrea Erickson 

 Andrea is Functional Nurse Academy's Enrollment Specialist. She excels in steering nurses towards achieving their professional goals.

As a 2023 FNA graduate, she now runs a thriving practice as a Holistic Health Practitioner, focusing on root cause medicine through God's design.

Married and a mother to four, Andrea deeply values spending quality time with her family and embracing the great outdoors in and around Kansas City. Her deep faith in Jesus is the driving force behind everything she does.
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Functional Nurse academy mission statement 

We strive to provide a parallel healthcare model that provides holistic care and addresses the root cause of disease.

What we Believe

The human body is magnificently and brilliantly designed by God and has the ability to heal. 

Informed consent is essential for providing individuals with the freedom to choose medical treatments and procedures.

Each person is bio-individual and the "one size fits all" approach is ineffective.

We believe in designing custom wellness plans based assessment and diagnostic data to meet individual needs.

Special interest groups often influence public health guidance. 

We believe that  research and  discernment are necessary for identifying reliable information

Functional Nurse Academy

Learn our effective methology in functional nursing and business formation 

Functional Medicine Assessments

Learn how to accurately assess for nutrient depletions, toxicity, bacterial overgrowths, hormone imbalance, stealth infections and much more

Diagnostic Testing 

Learn how to order diagnostic testing through our partnering lab and how to use diagnostic data to identify patterns of dysfunction and potential root causes of disease process.

Wellness Plans

Combine functional assessment and diagnostic data to create custom wellness plans for your clients

Launch your Business 

Utilize FNA business formation check list and package and pricing guide to competitively price your programs

Receive your Functional Nurse Academy Credentials

Upon graduation you will receive your certificate of completion of Functional Nurse Academy, 90 CEU's and will be eligible for board certification through AANWP.

Claim your Free 2 Months of Functional Nurse Academy Monthly Mentorship

Join our mentorship community!  This will be an opportunity to receive continuous mentorship and live sessions hosted by Melissa with the group of FNA students and graduates

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