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Providing the tools and knowledge for nurses to thrive in private practice. 

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Equipping nurses with the knowledge and skills to exceed in functional medicine and transform healthcare using holistic modalities. 

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What an excellent course! Melissa is an amazing teacher. All of the classes were recorded, so I was able to fit them into my otherwise busy schedule with ease. The course material was interesting and engaging. I especially love the tons of information in the form of tool-kits Melissa provided. She truly set us up for success in every way possible. I highly recommend this course!

Krista O'Dea

Why Choose Us

We offer the most comprehensive functional training for nurses

Melissa is a seasoned educator and business owner.  In addition to teaching the concepts of functional medicine and how to apply this skillset within the scope of nursing, Melissa also provides instruction on business formation and how to succeed in independently owned nursing practices.  

Easy platform

Providing a modern, easy to use platform that you can educate at your convenience.  Attend live virtual classes, download videos and course materials. 

Practitioner toolkit 

Providing everything you need to get started in functional medicine and private practice. 

Professional Guidance 

Opportunity to interact with your instructor and ask questions during each live course

What others say about us

Melissa presents a terrific course on Functional Medicine for nurses. Her depth of knowledge, intelligence and passion, for this topic is evident in each and every class session. Melissa not only offers a great course but also helps one to see the immediate need for a more health-focused versus the current disease-focused modality in healthcare.

Joanie RN

Not only is Melissa extremely knowledgeable about functional medicine; but she also cares so deeply about helping people with these conditions. She genuinely wants other nurses to have the knowledge and skills to be able to help clients in ways that address root issues of their symptoms. Through this class, she is truly helping nurses reach our full potential to be able to help clients heal holistically. Melissa is incredible!

Holly, RN


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