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I am so pleased with my decision to take The Functional Medicine for Nurses class.
Melissa is not only extremely knowledgeable and great at teaching, she is a truly caring and compassionate person.
She is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She provided copies of her PowerPoint presentations, recordings of each class and a practitioners toolkit.
I would highly recommend her class.
Tracy Gary, RN
I really enjoyed this course. Melissa is extremely knowledgeable with a firm grasp on the material.
The powerpoint and resources provided are invaluable. I will definitely continue taking her programs and would be a client in a heartbeat.
She has integrity and is pursuing truth medicine to heal and never harm. Melissa is a ray of light in a growing movement. Highly Highly recommend!
Sarah Adams, RN
Melissa has designed an incredible mentorship program.  I would recommend her course to any nurse that is coming from an allopathic system and desperately searching for a more holistic, root cause approach to the care they provide.  

The structure, guidance and knowledge that she shares is amazing but once you add that to the treasure trove of resources provided in the practitioner toolkit, this course becomes invaluable.
Kimberly Overton, RN
I am so thankful for the opportunity to take Melissa’s Functional Medicine for Nurses course! Melissa is compassionate, full of knowledge and confidently advocates for her patients.
 Before this course, I had no knowledge of any nursing opportunities outside of allopathic medicine.
After completing her course, I felt empowered, encouraged, and excited to take a different approach to how I care for myself and others. Melissa provides the tools and support to do so.

Thank you, Melissa!
Charity Whaley, RN 
Melissa presents a terrific course on Functional Medicine for nurses. Her depth of knowledge, intelligence and passion, for this topic is evident in each and every class session.

Melissa not only offers a great course but also helps one to see the immediate need for a more health-focused versus the current disease-focused modality in healthcare.

Joanie, RN
Not only is Melissa extremely knowledgeable about functional medicine; but she also cares so deeply about helping people with these conditions.

She genuinely wants other nurses to have the knowledge and skills to be able to help clients in ways that address root issues of their symptoms.

Through this class, she is helping nurses reach our full potential to be able to help clients heal holistically. Melissa is truly incredible!
Holly, RN
What an excellent course! Melissa is an amazing teacher. All of the classes were recorded, so I was able to fit them into my otherwise busy schedule with ease. The course material was interesting and engaging. I especially love the tons of information in the form of tool-kits Melissa provided. She truly set us up for success in every way possible. I highly recommend this course!
 Krista O'Dea
I really enjoyed taking this introduction to functional medicine course from Melissa. Melissa is patient, organized, and experienced.
I have been recommending this course to others, it’s time we step away from Pharma controlled traditional medicine and educate ourselves.
 I plan to sign up for the monthly continuing education
Kristin Sinn, CRNA
Melissa is a great mentor. She is extremely knowledgeable but also non-intimidating and invites all questions. I grew tremendousl in my understanding of functional medicine; from barely knowing what it was to having a solid foundation. I am looking forward to how functional medicine is going to improve my health and life as well as the health and life of those around me.
Kristin Cooks, RN
Melissa's Functional Nurse Academy has every aspect I wanted to have for my functional medicine practice without me having to do the leg work, which I appreciate very much! The educational portion of the program is priceless and I am very excited about the research included that will also be updated as needed. Melissa does an excellent job explaining how the lab results connect and can be indicative of micronutrient deficiencies, sluggish detox pathways, and possible root causes such as hormonal imbalances. Her organization with the steps to setting up the business portion is also extremely easy to follow and complete quickly to get up and running! I am so grateful Melissa created this program as it is providing me with the opportunity to be my own boss to live a life of purpose as well as being financially abundant by sharing my experiences & knowledge with the world to impact others' health & wellness journeys.
Krysti Jonas, RN
I have been searching for ways to get credited to be a functional nurse. When I found Functional nurse academy I just could not believe all this time I could be a functional nurse coach.

 This program was great since I was able to go at my own pace. I took notes and learned so much. I can't wait to get started in my own practice!
Lacey Bolash-Best, RN
FNA provided me the tools and confidence to pursue my dreams as both a health coach and entrepreneuer!
Andrea Erickson, RN, MSN
This course was thorough. Lots of great information and tools to utilize when assessing individuals with chronic illness.

 I have 16 years experience in conventional medicine and I will definitely be incorporating what I have learned into practice. Some patients just do not get better with conventional interventions and now I know why.
Pamela Lee, APRN-BC

I would give this course a 10/10!

 This is exactly what I have been looking for. Only wish I'd known about it sooner! 

Melissa is a Godsend in the medical community and offers hope to nurses everywhere!


Jessica Brown, RN
Melissa is so knowledgeable and does a great job of sharing it with us through this course. What’s more impressive is that she’s had to apply it to her own life. Just when we think we’ve been given all the course content, she adds bonus content. I have so much to learn, but Melissa gives step by step path to creating your own business and answers questions easily!

Windy Harley, RN
I am so glad I found this program! Melissa has provided multiple tools and information for me to launch a successful Functional Nurse practice.

The information I have received will empower me to help people create an environment for their bodies to heal themselves and achieve wellness

Thank you, Melissa!
Renee Rutherford, RN
The Functional Nurse Academy is a great learning and growth opportunity.

Melissa exceeded my expectations and she takes the time to explain the details. Thank you, Melissa

Janet Holiday, RN
The Functional Nurse Academy was exceptional!

 Melissa was awesome at sharing her knowledge of functional medicine and making it understandable and not overwhelming

. I would highly recommend this course for any nurse wanting to expand his or her knowledge base and truly want to promote health and prevention for his or her patients.
Stacey Helton, RN