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Functional Nurse

Start your Business as a Functional Medicine Nurse 

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Functional Medicine Improves Patient Outcomes 

Functional medicine modalities have been proven in clinical studies to improve patient outcomes.  Rather than focusing on treating disease symptoms functional medicine instead focuses on the root cause of disease process and uses nutrition and lifestyle interventions to prevent, treat and even reverse chronic disease processes.  

About Functional Nurse Academy 

Functional Nurse Academy provides the most comprehensive functional medicine training designed for nurses. FNA graduates are prepared to leave the sick care model and operate independently within nurse owned concierge practices or other functional medicine establishments.

FNA provides detailed instruction on how to apply functional medicine and nurse coaching modalities to improve patient outcomes.  Training in nurse entrepreneurship and business formation is also provided for nurses desiring to launch private practices.  

What We Offer

What's included in this online course?

Self Paced and Online

Learn at your own pace with the convenience to study at home 

Functional Nurse Toolkit

Providing everything you need for a successful practice

90 Continuing Education Hours

Functional Nurse Academy is approved as a provider of continuing education by the Florida State Board of Nursing #  50-33409

  Live Mentorship Sessions

Two free months of FNA's live interactive monthly mentorship program hosted by FNA founder and course creator

self paced version

Functional Nurse Academy 

Receive your continuing education 100% online and at your own pace.  All enrollees will be eligible to claim 90 CEU's and multiple board certification titles.  

Module 1:  Welcome to Functional Nurse Academy!

Tutorial of the course platform and practitioner toolkit. 

Module 2: Introduction to Functional Medicine in Nursing 

Learn how nurses can practice functional medicine within their scope of practice.  Receive an overview of functional medicine modalities and how nurses can successfully apply these methods to improve client outcomes.  

Module 3: Functional Lab Reviews 

Identify optimal ranges for diagnostic testing and how to identify patterns of dysfunction.  Discover how nurses can incorporate diagnostic testing into their practice. 

Module 4: All Disease Begins in the Gut 

Learn about gut dysbiosis and how to review the GI MAP functional stool analysis and SIBO breath test.  Learn how to help clients heal by utilizing the 5 R protocol for gut restoration.  Identify common root causes of gut dysfunction. 

Module 5: Healing Hormones 

Learn how to review the DUTCH test and other analytes to identify causes of hormonal imbalance.  Receive a detailed overview of how address weight loss resistance, adrenal dysfunction, thyroid disease and metabolic disorders. 

Module 6: Nutrient Deficiencies, Dietary Guides & Creating Comprehensive Wellness Plans

Learn how to design personalized wellness plans, fine tune your assessment skills and how to use food as medicine, 

Module 7-8: Immune Health & Autoimmunity

Learn about the root causes of autoimmune conditions and the most appropriate testing for this client population.  Learn how to address toxicities, stealth infections and spike protein induced diseases. 

Module 9: Business Masterclass 

Learn how to set up a successful practice, how to package and price your programs and how to enroll clients.  Receive a detailed overview of the business formation checklist specifically designed for functional medicine nurses.

Module 10: Take Action - Upload your Practice Forms and Templates 

Start to put the many resources provided for you in the practitioner toolkit to use. Receive step by step instructions on how to upload practice forms and templates to your practice management software program. 

Module 11: Demo's of Discovery Calls, Intake Assessment's and Lab Reviews

Receive a demonstration on enrolling clients through discovery calls, conducting initial intake assessments and performing functional lab reviews.

Module 12: Medical Provider Collaboration 

This module emphasizes on the collaborative relationship that nurses have with their clients medical team. Overview of provider letter templates and how nurses can use these templates to advocate and make specific medical recommendations.

Module 13-16: Case Studies 

Review 4 real life case studies, all case study materials provided. 

Module 17: Course Reflection and Resource Materials 

Reflection of the course content and receive additional resource materials to help you succeed in private practice.  

Module 18: Course Assessment, Receive 90 Continuing Education Hours and Claim 2 Free Months of FNA's Live Monthly Mentorship Program

After you have submitted your course evaluation and assessment you will receive a certificate of completion and 90 continuing education hours. Students have 12 months to complete course material. Enrollment includes 2 months free of the FNA live monthly mentorship program.

Practitioner Toolkit Offerings

providing everything you need for a successful practice 

Practice Forms Including Intake, Assessment and Legal 

Client Handouts 

Dietary Guides 

Templates including Dr. Letters, Wellness Plans, Lab Reviews 

Business Formation Checklist 

Scientific Studies 

Guide for Optimal Diagnostic Testing Ranges 

Sample Functional Tests with Reports and Summaries 

Educational Resources

Client Enrollment Guide 

Resource Guide 

Waived 250$ Joining Fee for Evexia Diagnostics 

Clinical Tips Summary 

Coaching Resources 

Package Pricing Guide 

Certificate of Completion 

Meet the FNA Founder

Melissa is a RN, board certified nurse coach, functional medicine practitioner and approved continuing education provider #50-33409.

She has over a decade of nursing experience and is a seasoned nurse educator.  After struggling with an undiagnosed autoimmune condition and chronic lyme disease for several years she learned how powerful functional medicine modalities can be for reversing disease processes.

Throughout her experience within the conventional medical model as a nurse and a patient herself, she witnessed the brokenness and corruption of the conventional medical model.

This experience motivated her to create a private functional medicine practice that respects patient’s rights, focuses on the root cause of disease and implements lifestyle and nutritional interventions to heal the body.

After establishing a successful practice, Melissa then created Functional Nurse Academy with the mission to foster an alternative healthcare model that focuses on true health and wellness and supports nurses who seek to practice outside of the sick care model and become fulfilled in their nursing practice. 
Patrick Jones - Course author